Ironwood Academy
As iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another. Proverbs 27:17
Ironwood Academy is a hybrid program for parents who want more control over their child's educational experience. We combine the best of a homeschool tutorial and a flexible traditional school, offering college-preparatory courses in a Christian environment taught by the most qualified and engaging teachers.

Amazing program. Our girls had a wonderful experience.


Ironwood Academy has been a game-changing educational experience for my daughter. At Ironwood, she was academically challenged in a warm, supportive environment. She discovered for the first time that learning can actually be fun and rewarding, and this knowledge changed her attitude and inspired her to work hard to do well. She entered Ironwood a mediocre student and emerged an excellent one. What more could a parent ask for?


Kennedy is at college in Chattanooga and loves it there. She often talks about Ironwood and how it was the highlight of her school experience. You, and all the staff at Ironwood, shine with the love of Christ and she truly felt that while attending. No judging, just love!! She was not able to find that at public school. Just wanted you to know how much GOOD you do for our precious children.


It was a huge blessing to be a part of this tutorial. Madeline and Bryce benefited greatly from the strong academics. They both were accepted into the colleges they wanted to attend and are thriving not only academically but as young adults. Ironwood challenged our family and helped our children to be ready to pursue their goals. Appreciate all of the teachers so much!


Ironwood Academy took my daughter from 7th grade to graduation! She was more prepared for her Honors program as a college freshman than many of her peers from traditional high school environments. Highly recommend!


I am thankful for an amazing woman Terry Morris who started and continues to shape Ironwood Academy. This is the amazing tutorial that Alex has loved going on 3 years.


Ironwood was an amazing resource for our family. Can’t say enough good things about Terry and this project! So proud!


My kids attended Ironwood Academy for four years. Awesome academics, solid program!


Thought I would give you a brief update on Danielle.

She finished her first year at Samford on the Dean's List for both Samford University and the School of Public health. She also was one of just a few students selected to do a 1-credit summer term in London, which she has completed. She was selected for the London term based on an essay she wrote.

Ironwood was great prep for her. Thanks so much for giving her a chance and helping to nurture her.


Terry, I am ever so grateful to you for the entire Ironwood experience. I cannot imagine where Trevor would be without that academic foundation. You were simply marvelous in your role.

Again, thank you beyond words.


I wanted to send you a note and say, "thanks!" I know first hand the passion and love you have poured into creating an environment for educating these youth and children. Well done.

Some things I will remember are the talent shows, how excited Caroline is about science, sitting on the front porch of your farm, blueberry pies, knowing that Caroline was in a safe place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the smart educators and role models that Caroline was exposed to and had relationships with.

All good and sustaining things.


There is no place like Ironwood! I have looked all over, there is absolutely no comparison regarding teachers' qualifications, quality of education and the open and non-judgemental atmosphere.


I told Sabrina she only had a couple days left until summer vacation and she said for the very first time she wished the school year wasn't coming to a close. Ironwood Academy was our first homeschool experience and it went so well, it's one of the reasons we still homeschool today. Sabrina loved it and will always consider Terry as one of her absolute favorite teachers of all time.


Ironwood has been a great fit and huge blessing for Trey!


If you are homeschooling or considering it, I’d like to share our story with you.

I pulled my daughter out of a public middle school, 6 weeks into her 5th grade year. We had planned to give the local middle school a try, despite its bad reputation. We quickly learned that is was not a good fit for our daughter. So we made the bold and scary choice to try homeschooling. We did it on our own for 5th grade, using a comprehensive online curriculum. My daughter had a very hard time distinguishing the line between mom and teacher, which made my constructive criticism of her work harder to swallow.

If you’re already homeschooling or considering it and want your child to be challenged and inspired, I encourage you to check out Ironwood Academy.


Emma is finishing up her 3rd year [at Ironwood Academy] and we couldn't be happier. She goes just two days a week & takes 6 classes from veteran teachers who specialize in each subject. It is her teachers' responsibility to determine the curriculum for the class, make sure that it meets or exceeds all state standards in that subject and assign homework for their students' work-at-home days. The teachers are experienced in both public and private schools, are passionate about their subjects, and they love their students!


[My two kids] have made great friends and are seriously more rounded and happy than they have ever been. AND- they love being home three days a week to complete their studies in the comfort of our home, where pressures and conflicts of middle-school are non-existent.

If you have a child that struggles with fitting in the "box" of school....Ironwood may be your answer as well. Let me say this however.....workload can be challenging since it IS "college prep". But, we weren't looking for "easy"! We were looking for "a place to thrive-academically as well as personally" for our children. We have found these very things at Ironwood.

My kids are learning SO much more, I believe, than they would be in public school. They get their instruction, two days a week, from Master's educated teachers that are experts in teaching their subjects!

My Ian comes home so interested in areas of history and science-- school has actually become fun again! All credit is to be given to the top notch instruction he receives from the Ironwood staff. And what a breath of fresh air for teachers to be able to teach subjects like they should be taught! Not teach to "a test"...(cough "state testing" cough)...

This homeschool tutorial has been a life-changing experience for my Emma, and ultimately....for our family! She has thrived for the first time in her whole school life in this setting. I've seen her blossom, not only academically....but, most her self-esteem throughout this year! It has been beautiful to watch. We have truly experienced every avenue of school since Emma was in kindergarten. From two private schools, to homeschool to public school! We've (she) has experienced it all.

While each school experience has brought some sort of positive to our lives (great friends as well as great teachers)...Ironwood surpasses them all-- and is a match for what she needs on many levels. She has, for the first time in her life, felt filled-up and empowered from school....instead of beat down and discouraged. She comes home with a smile, instead of tears. She comes home with positive experiences with friends, instead of complaining of being isolated and made to feel "different" or "out of place". Ironwood has truly been an answer to prayer.


I want to thank you for spending so much time engaging our kids. They felt seen, heard, and encouraged!


Grateful for you guys!

Sissy Goff, Daystar Counseling Ministries

The EQ curriculum is at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, providing essential life skills that are rarely taught in schools. When Google found a few years ago that ‘soft skills’—that is, empathy, emotional safety, and emotional intelligence—were the top characteristics of their most productive teams, it began to change the way we view how we prepare today’s students. Ironwood is at the forefront of this movement.”

Dr. Josh Straub

Our kiddo will be attending Ironwood Academy in the fall. Factors that made our decision easy: amazing/highly qualified staff, they use an emotional intelligence curriculum that is focused on the whole child, extracurriculars are built-in and, most importantly, during the interview with Terry, my daughter talked for almost two hours and she left excited about school for the first time in two years.